Why we shouldn’t give up smoking!


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Why we shouldn’t give up smoking!

Lent… the time for giving up.

I read a post on Facebook today asking what everyone will be giving up for Lent and I was compelled to write about why giving up is such a bad thing to do.

First let me ask you this… how does it feel when you say the words ‘I Give Up’?


Is it a positive feeling, like you have achieved something, or does it feel more negative

Really think about it for a minute… just repeat it and notice the feelings… Give up, give up, give up!

I’m going to say something now that may seem a little odd, here goes…

You shouldn’t even ‘give up’ smoking!

Now, let me explain…

As children we told “don’t give up”, “never give up”, “you’re not giving up!” etc…

You know the conversation, the one where you tell your parents/guardians that you no longer want to do something, or you’re frustrated with a task and you just want to give up but they become upset, angry or worse, you perceive they are disappointed in you.

Because we are taught, as children, that giving up is a very bad or negative thing to do the words ‘give up’ have a feeling attached to them which is less than pleasant; a feeling of failure, of being judge or something similar.

So, what is the answer?

It’s quite simple really… all you have to do is change the words!

Look at the pictures below and think about how they make you feel…

These individuals, in my perception, look like they are taking control, they are powerful, and they mean stop!

Now say the word ‘stop’ out loud like you really mean it. How do you feel?

The way we use language is so important because words have meaning, and imagery attached to them, so when we say the words ‘give up’ we feel failure, but when we use the word ‘stop’ we feel powerful.

Going back to my comment about smoking, my smoking cessation clients never ‘give up’ they ‘stop’ or ‘quit’ smoking because the deep part of our minds hates to give up!

So, next time you decide you no longer want to eat a particular food, continue with a task or activity or you want to discontinue with anything, make sure you STOP rather than GIVE UP.

As for me…