Zoe is great at what she does, professional and kind

My initial appointment with Zoe was to see if she could help me with my anxiety around driving.
What actually happened was she helped me with so much more than that, we talked through lots of issues I have/had.

Using BWRT a lot of my deep rooted issues were dealt with.This was done without causing me distress, you don’t even have to go into details if you don’t want too and it still works.

I won't hesitate to contact you again

From the moment I met Zoe she made me feel very much at ease. I was very sceptical about what to expect but soon relaxed and took on board the advice she was giving me.

After 2 sessions I felt so much better equipped to deal with my problem, which in fact was merely overthinking health issues.

Thank you so much Zoe for helping me to achieve the positive position I am in now. I won’t t hesitate to contact you again should the need arise.

zoe is an incredibly gifted therapist

Zoe is an incredibly gifted and highly qualified therapist. She has managed, using a variety of techniques, to dig me out of a very dark hole I’ve found myself in for many years.

She has worked with me to challenge some of my hugely debilitating beliefs and given me the confidence to finally look myself in the eye with confidence and like what I see.

I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

Zoe put me at ease in one session

I visited Zoe to try and combat my fear of flying and also my new found paranoia of being a passenger in the car!

I didn't hold out much hope as I suffer extremely with my anxiety also.

Zoe put my at ease and with 1 session of BWRT I am typing this from Scarborough, after my husband drove us here!!! I am thrilled - no panic attacks , no foot driving and no anxiety!!! THANK YOU ZOE!! Amazing xx

Zoe helped me to help myself

I went to see Zoe when I was recovering from cancer, I was struggling to find 'myself' , all my confidence and motivation was shot to pieces. She helped me to help myself by understanding my own triggers and finding ways to manage them.

Zoe doesn't look for the quick fix but guides you towards solutions that work for you and are sustainable in your every day life. She really is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate call on her services again or recommend her.

I can't recommend her highly enough.

I contacted Zoe to ask for help with fear of driving. After a consultation she recommended BWRT and explained to me how this could help. To put it into context, I was scared enough that even sitting in the drivers seat didn't feel possible. After just a handful of sessions I have been able to drive again on fast roads and in heavy traffic without fear. Its remarkable and Zoe's warm and friendly manner made the sessions a real pleasure. I can't recommend her highly enough.

I always enjoy
the sessions and would recommend

I've had a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Zoe after I was looking for something that would help with my confidence around horses.

I can't believe I have already overcome my fear of hacking my pony (the thought would have bring me to tears just three weeks ago, now I love it!!), and I also feel I have a lot more confidence and control in many aspects of my life, including studying, organising my time and becoming more focused. Plus, she is super lovely and I always enjoy the sessions, would definitely recommend 😊

Since Zoe worked with me using BWRT I am completely different

I have never liked spiders, ever. I don’t like looking at pictures of them, I don’t like them in the same room as me, I definitely can’t stand them on me. I would freak out, scream and run away. But since Zoe worked with me using BWRT I am completely different. I can be in a room with them and easily take them from a room to outside without getting the shivers. Amazing. Thank you so much.

After one session of BWRT with Zoe I cant believe the results

I have been scared of snakes my whole life to the point that I couldn't even look at them on the TV. I honestly didn't think it would be possible to get over my fear, but after one session of BWRT with Zoe I cant believe the results. At the end of the session I was happily scrolling through photos of snakes without any reaction at all. Amazing!! Thanks Zoe.

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