Stress & Phobias

I am very experienced in working to overcome stress and phobias, helping you make a positive change, and stop these negative feelings from affecting your daily life. Being afraid can be one of the most debilitating things you will ever experience, I’m here to help you regain control of both your emotions, and your everyday life.

Work Related Stress

work related stress

A huge 79% of adults in the UK experience work related stress. Work related stress has become one of the main reasons why people are absent from work and factors such as loss of job security have only made the number of people suffering from stress increase. I am passionate about the way businesses conduct their mental health policies, and work with their employees to help reduce the levels of stress they experience.

Working with me means more than managing stress, it means kicking it to the kerb. Changing the way you manage workloads and situations in the workplace is the first step to becoming stress-free. Challenging the way employers deal with their staff is the next step, but de-stressing is more about self management than stress management - we’ll work to lessen the stress you feel in the workplace and outside it.

Exam and Test Nerves

Feeling consumed by anxiety about an upcoming exam? Exams and tests can be some of the most stressful - and unfortunately unavoidable - circumstances we find ourselves in. Not only are these situations stressful in themselves, but the anticipation is stressful too. We find ourselves worrying about whether we may pass or fail, and these thoughts begin to affect our ability to revise and, in turn, affects how we perform. 

Our therapies are extremely beneficial at helping with recall, soothing anxiety and aiding general mental preparation for exam nerves. By refocusing the unconscious part of the mind, you are able to tap into your strength and resources, and achieve the positive outcome you are looking for.

Exam and Test Nerves
Fear and Phobias

fear And Phobias

Whether fear of a creature, object or social situation, the physical and emotional reactions of experiencing a fear or phobia can make you feel like you’re not in control, and can have a huge impact on your everyday life. 

I have a great deal of experience in managing fear and phobias, and would like you to know that you can make a positive change. BWRT, one of the most significant developments in therapy, has been known to fix a phobia in just one session. We will work on your phobia together: you are more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Feelings of Guilt

Over my years in practise, I have found that people can feel guilty for all kinds of things; they didn’t go to a party they were invited to; they didn’t remember a distant relative’s birthday; they accidentally ran over their neighbour’s cat. 

Guilt is one of the most destructive emotions we experience. It can eat away at you, create negativity and lower your self worth - but guilt is not something we are born with, and it can be unlearnt. You have no reason to feel guilty. Get in touch to kickstart the unlearning process.

feelings of guilt

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  •   Panic Attacks

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