Self Discovery Journal

This A4 wirebound 1 month journal is packed full of information about how to get the best out of it. Your ‘best self’ is subjective, so only you can really know what that means. This journal gives you the opportunity to recognise the people and events that inspire, motivate and energise you. Keeping notes about these things can be a great reference point in order to begin gaining insights and observations from daily life to help you reflect, develop and grow.

This Self-Discovery Journal is unique in its inclusion of several different page elements for the purpose of keeping you focused and aware of the things that add value to your day to day life: A completion list for three top priority tasks; The little box of inspiration, with space for a quote of your choice for that day (lots of quotes are provided at the beginning of the journal), is a place to record what or who has inspired you; A space to record what made you smile that day; an ‘Aha!’ box to make notes of learning and moments of discovery about yourself. There is also a ‘rate my day’ section, a well-being wheel and a productivity wheel so you can keep track of these elements of your life. 

Also included is a lined page for Positive Thoughts and Notes, a place to write about the good things, ideas, creative doodles or just notes about your day. 

There are sections on Mindfulness, Internal dialogue and Reflection at the beginning of the journal to give some context. This journal was designed to help you keep a record of positive influences, activities and inspirations and there is nothing else on the market quite like it. 

Zoe, the creator, is a Positive Psychologist and Masters level coach and wanted to bring something different to the market to encourage the user to record the more positive aspects of their life, rather than just writing a few lines about what they are grateful for. Zoe also wanted the user to be reflective about why their day may have not been as good as it could have been, or what it is that has caused their well-being and/or productivity to dip or soar, this is after all a path of Self-Discovery!

There are two different purchase options, a stand alone 1 month product or a monthly subscription where a brand new journal is delivered at the beginning of each month.

So, by now you should be desperate to get your hands on one of these beautiful journals which has been designed with you in mind!

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