Recharge your batteries!

Recharge your batteries!


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Recharge your batteries!

Today is national battery day! Who knew batteries had their own day?

It’s a good opportunity to talk about ways in which you can recharge your ‘batteries’ if you’re feeling a bit run down or overwhelmed…

Just taking ten minutes to be still and relax can make all the difference to how you feel; whether it’s in your lunch break at work, on the train, while waiting for your children to come out of school or just before you go to bed finding that time to concentrate on your breathing and take yourself to a lovely place in your mind can help to give you the boost you need.

Try sitting comfortably and imagining yourself on a warm beach, listening to the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore. Notice the texture of the sand and the colours arounds you.


Or you might prefer a forest… the smell of the undergrowth enveloping you and the faint sound of birds singing and the breeze gently moving the trees. Notice the colours and textures you encounter as you enjoy the perfect temperature and the feeling on calm.

If neither appeals to you, just take yourself to a place where you can feel calm, comfortable and a ease but remember to notice what you feel, see and hear.

Practicing this exercise for ten minutes every day will help you to focus and relax and after a couple of weeks practice you will start to feel less stressed and more able to deal with life’s challenges.

Another way to help you recharge is by finding something fun to do with friends or family members. A simple board game which will engage you and allow you to think about something other than everyday life will help you to unwind. Spending time with the people you love, doing something outside of your normal routine gives you the opportunity to switch off from day to day stresses.

Exercise can also have an uplifting affect, as can listening to music. All these activities will remove you from your normal thought processes, focusing your attention elsewhere for a short time.

Turn off your phone! Unplugging from technology to read a book or magazine, sit quietly and watch the birds in the garden, or simply to be still for ten minutes can also help you to refocus.

Remember, Action = Success and practice makes perfect.

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